40 Day Re-Start: Program Details

40 Day Re-Start Logo SmThe 40 Day Re-Start is a unique and powerful program designed to support anyone who is sincerely committed to creating positive change in their life.

Whether you suffer from stress, depression, insomnia, poor concentration, bad habits, or simply the desire to establish a consistent spiritual practice the 40 Day Re-Start will provide you with the tools for a healthy, happy and radiant life.

This New Year join Corrina Richards & Marcia Vallier in committing to a 40 Day shift of mind and body. These two teachers have teamed up to bring you a comprehensive program of yoga, eating well, and meditation to support you in re-creating the life you want to live. 

Commit to your Health in 2012 with a 40 Day Re-Start!

Program Structure:


To help you release energy blockages and find ease in your body, the 40 Day Re-Start includes 6 yoga classes per week, with your teachers Marcia and Corrina. These classes are private to group members only and are designed around weekly themes specifically related to deepening your 40 day commitment.


To help you move away from the constant mental chatter and create space for moments of inner peace and reflection, the 40 Day Re-Start includes 6 specially designed meditation sessions per week, with your teachers Marcia and Corrina. You will also receive an audio recording of this meditation to practice outside of our structured sessions.


Nourishing and supporting your physical body is a key aspect to living a vital and fulfilling life. You will be provided with simple easy to integrate steps to incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Being a certified Health Coach Corrina is adept at guiding you towards formulating a diet that uniquely suits you. You’ll learn to crowd out the foods which are not serving you, and replace them with powerful and nourishing foods which will not only leave you feeling amazing in your body, but will also open you up to increased energy, powerful mental clarity and focus.

As an added bonus you’ll receive a discount on a Be Nourished Detox package if you choose to incorporate more dietary structure into your 40 Day Re-Start.

Community is one of the most valuable parts of the 40 Day Re-Start. All yoga classes will be private to program members to create a a foundation of support and community. Throughout the week you will check into an online forum for discussion on themes, goals and provided materials. The forum is private and will be an area for group members to engage with one another as well as have more interaction with Marcia and Corrina. Once a week we will gather in-person to share and reflect on provided themes and discussion questions. We urge you to attend all of the meetings in order to share your experiences of each week or simply listen and learn from the group. Meetings are held every Saturday morning post class. Marcia and Corrina, together, will facilitate these group discussions.

In all aspects you will have the opportunity to come together and support each other in a compassionate, nonjudgmental and loving way.


Throughout the 40 Day Re-Start you will be encouraged to keep a journal or record of your experience. In class, via weekly handouts and on the online forum you will be presented with themes and questions to mediate and reflect upon. This self-reflection will be the cornerstone to breaking down past habits and creating new lasting habits. Your journaling will be completely private to you and is designed to support you in your growth.

40 Day Re-Start Program Details

Support Throughout the 40 Days

The 40 Day Re-Start offers a profound and life changing experience. You will enjoy not only the opportunity to share your challenges and insights with your 40 Day community, but Marcia and Corrina will also be available to you for any personal questions or support at any point throughout your 40 days.

The 40 Day Re-Start is a challenging commitment and will ask that you honor yourself and your desire to live the fullest life you can imagine – on a daily basis.

A Few Requirements:

Re-lease: Excuses, procrastination, and why this just won’t work.

Re-solve: All change begins with a decision and this is your opportunity to decide.

Re-alize: Your potential and commit fully to it!

We recognize that the 40 Day Re-Start requires a significant commitment from you and we encourage you to talk to us before you reserve your place. Email info@benourishedhhc.com to discuss how this program can benefit you.

Experience your own personal health transformation!

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During your 40 Day Re-Start you will also benefit from the following discounts:

+ Be Nourished Detox package with Corrina

+ Deep Tissue Massage with Marcia

+ Thai Yoga massage with Corrina

+ Private Yoga Session and Postural Alignment with Marcia

It takes 21 days to create a habit and 40 days to anchor it into your life.

Let this be your opportunity. Now is the time!